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Memory foam can be used in many forms to increase comfort and decrease pain. Developed by scientists for NASA memory foam can assist you in reducing the impact of gravitational pressure put on your body throughout the day. Our CUDDLE FOAM® technology has evolved to develop numerous products in order to aid you in your everyday activities. Different designs can help you to reduce pressure points on your body as well as align your skeletal system aiding you in proper posture and ultimately pain relief. CUDDLE FOAM® motivates you to move forward into a healthy lifestyle.
Leg Aligner™

Place this dog bone shaped cushion between your knees to align your spine and relieve lower back pain. The soft cover is zippered and easy to wash.


This lumbar support fits into the natural curve of your spine to support you in a sitting or lying position. The Back-Attack. uses CUDDLE FOAM© technology to eliminate pressure point on your body. The soft cover is zippered and easy to wash.


Memory Foam Mattress Co.™ carries a variety of memory foam toppers to help improve your ordinary bed. An eggcrate or convoluted topper can provide relief from the aches and pains that you wake up with from a regular mattress. Toppers are available with or without a zippered cover.

Flat Topper

Flat memory foam toppers conform to your body adding new life to an old mattress. Toppers produced by the Memory Foam Mattress Co.™ can help to reduce tossing and turning, helping you feel more rested.

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