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Ventilation for
cool comfort
Point of
and warranty
Memory Foam
density (lb/ft)
6lb 5lb
Years in
40 12
8" - 10" - Custom
8" and 10"
Custom Size YES NO
Warranty 20 year 20 year
bed base
Matching pillows
in a variety styles
Fire rated foam YES YES
Washable covers YES YES
Adjustable beds
Wake Up Feeling Revitalized on Your Contour-matic®!!! This uniquely designed Canadian mattress features our cooling Flow-Thru™ ventilation system allowing the ultimate in comfort as only you can imagine. By reducing pressure points, the temperature sensitive Contour-matic® increases your circulation while aligning your spine to help you wake up feeling pain free and well rested. Contour-matic® mattresses have a 20 year limited warranty while the luxurious Contour-matic® Plush mattresses have a 25 year limited warranty.
Innovative Memory foam Flow-Thru ventilation Helps maintain your optimum body temperature
Contours to your individual body with cushioning
and comfort
Less tossing and turning resulting in improved
REM sleep quality
CUDDLE FOAM technology uses uniform support
to help align the spine (with Night Sky pillow)
Reduces back, neck and muscle pain. Wake up
without aches and pains!
Temperature sensitive, pressure relieving (no
painful springs)
Better circulation means a better night's sleep.
Night time numbness is diminished
20 year limited warranty Durable with outstanding value
Motionless mattress Creates an environment where you and your partner can sleep undisturbed.
Highest density memory foam in the industry Optimum comfort with maximum longevity
Made to order mattress Customized for individual comfort
Internal slip cover & stretchable cover No hammocking, lowering friction and surface
tension, which maximizes the benefits of memory
Fire Rated meeting California TB117 Safe, secure sleep for you and your loved ones
The Contour-matic™ is extremely comfortable. I can actually feel it contouring to my body. When I slept on other mattresses I would wake up with aches and pains in the morning. I wake up pain free sleeping on a Contour-matic™.

Brendan Link
British Columbia
When I was looking into getting a mattress I was concerned about a memory foam mattress being too soft. I was pleased to find the Contour-Matic™ supports my body while being neither too soft nor too firm.

Joyce Gram
British Columbia
I couldn't believe how comfortable my new mattress was. When I use the Night Sky pillows, combined with my Contour-matic™, I don't want to get out of my bed in the morning. I'm just so comfortable.

Eric Fellows
The Contour-matic™ is the best bed I've ever had. I like the fact that it is fully warrantied on any solid surface, not just a box spring. I have a slat bed at home and there were so few high quality mattresses out there that would provide warranties without their box spring.

Janet Clevely
I was amazed after the first night on the Contour-matic™ to find that my fingers weren't numb when I woke up in the morning. For the last number of years on previous mattresses I would wake up with my arm and fingers numb from lying on my side. The Contour-matic™ was an instant cure. I wish I had known about it earlier.

Linda Ruzinic
British Columbia
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